Oolong Tea
This is a very symbolic selection of Taiwan tea.
High mountain tea is well-known for its being specially grown in fresh air at mountaintops, and...

Green Tea
In the Spring Equinox of about Mar. 21 2011, it is the time to begin the harvest of spring teas until before Tomb Sweeping Day, the Bi Lou Chun tea of Sansia is called “Early tea”. Although...

Black Tea
Taiwan Ruby tea is a broad leafy tea cultivar, with tea soup having natural cinnamonic fragrance and light peppermint flavor. 

Healthy Tea
White tea is also named Silvery Tip Pekoe. It is categorized as a black tea when it first appeared in English publication in 1876. ...

Organic Tea
Organic Green tea is strip tea, and organic certified tea by MOA. Although only USDA organic tea can be called organic tea in North America, the tea can pass EU pesticide teat to export to EU.