Alishan premium (charcoal roasted) Gaba oolong

Ali Shan charcoal roasted Gaba Oolong tea ( Alishan Premium Gaba oolong tea ) is hand-plucked tea from the most famous tea Mountain Ali. The tea is made from Jin Xuan Tea, which was put forward to market by Taiwan Tea Experiment Station in 1981. The file no. of successfully bred seed is 12 (experimental code no. 2027). Its flavor has a kind of milk fragrance. After baking, its flavor turns into fragrance of cane sugar or candy. These are all natural fragrances without artificial spice. The main leaf vein almost forms straight angle against branch leaf veins. The upper height limit for growing the tea is 1000 meter above the sea.

Ali Shan Charcoal Roasted Gaba Oolong tea is charcoal roasted by using fruitwood to have a caramelized sweetness. Charcoal roasted can get rid of bitter and unsmooth taste, and advance the quality of taste.

Charcoal roasting is the traditional way to roast teas before teas can be roasted by electric power. The charcoal roasting tea must be roasted by a well experienced tea master and is processing in a room, so the room is full of a charcoal smell. It takes about one and a half days to build the charcoal fire by a tea master. Put the tea leaves into a bamboo basket to roast over a charcoal fire. There are ashes on the top, and a tea master uses a hand tool to push some ashes aside to let us see the actual burning charcoal. The tea master roasts the tea about two hours, then takes it off the fire and let the tea rests for 6 months before roasting it again. There is no standard processing formula for charcoal roasted tea, and it is based on the experiences and feeling of a tea mater.

After charcoal roasted, the tea leaves are dark brown color. The first infusion has a light smoky flavor with a chocolate taste. The aroma is rich and complex with deep fruity tones. After sipping the tea, mouth tingling sensation bursts out from both sides of the tongue and also from the back of throat with a strong sweet aftertaste.

Ali Shan charcoal roasted Gaba oolong tea is an all natural tea product that contains r-aminobutyric acid. The English acronym for r- aminobutyric acid is Gaba. The English called the tea Gaba tea. The Japanese called it Gabaron tea. The Chinese called it Jinbailong tea. In Japan, Gaba tea is a tea for our healthy well-being.

The tea is manufactured in bulk for all to enjoy. Gaba tea was first developed by Dr. Tsusida at the former national research institute of vegetable, ornamental plants and tea (nivot), maff of Japan in 1987. It is well recognized that when fresh tea leaves are fermented for an extended period, glutamic acid will be converted into r-aminobutyric acid, and aspartic acid will be converted into alanine. Since the tea contains r-aminobutyric acids that are good for our health, we named the tea organic Gaba oolong tea.

To manufacture Gaba oolong teas are more complex than manufacturing Gaba green/black teas. The tea has to undergo 10 hours for three times of vacuum anaerobic fermentation and stirring before panning. The tea undergoes several fermentations with and then without oxygen, so the tea contained more GABA than GABA green tea or GABA black tea.

The tea impresses you from the first infusion, and also attracts you back to it again and again. Let's try the rare and special treat!