Tea from Chilai Mountain

Chilai is one of Taiwan one hundred high mountains. The North peak of Chilai Mountain is 3,607 meters.
The oolong tea of Chilai Mountain is hand plunked one bud with two leaves tea from tea plantations in Chilai Mountain. Chilai tea gardens are located in altitude of 1,500 to 2,000 meters. Chilai Mountain is at the intersection among Nantou County, Hualien County and Taichung County.
Our recently contracted farmer has two hectares tea farm in ancient forest of Chilai Mountain. This area is low temperature throughout the year, so it is in a perfect high-quality environment for breeding tea plants. Due to slow growing in tea leaves, Chilai Mountain oolong is thick in tea leaves and rare in production.
Unlike floral and buttery in taste with smooth aftertaste of Li Shan oolong , Chilai oolong are strong aroma in taste with strong aftertaste. After tasting, Chilai oolong deeply impresses tea drinkers, keeps aroma in mouth and lingering in taste.
The tea cultivar for Chilai oolong is Chi Shin (green-hearted) oolong, and is reaped 3 times annually. After the marketing of winter tea, frost damages to Chilai tea leaves. Share beautiful scenery of damaged tea garden by frost to all of you as below: