Green Jade Tea

Green-Jade Tea is a successful breed of Taiwan Tea Experiment Station with file no. 13 and experiment code 2029, which is a newly developed product planted widely in Minjien Village of Nantuo County at low elevation above the sea in recent years. Its flavor has a kind of strong fragrance similar to that of magnolia, and its leaves, unlike slenderness of Green-Hearted Oolong, present the shape of zigzag.
It is suitable to grow at a height under 1000 meter above the sea. In case grown at higher altitude, its leaves will become too thick. Also in case of improper water control, it will have a kind of astringent taste. The producers in Minjien Village use machine to reap their tea, and proper reaping time is in the morning immediate after dew is dry. In the afternoon, when sunshine is strong, it is time for wither process, which will make its fragrance finer. This kind of tea presents the flavor of light fragrance after slight baking process. In case of enforcing the baking process, it will be so ideal as to contain the fragrance of cassia and honey peach. It can be reaped six times per year in case planted at lower elevation and is a tea of massive volume and reasonable price with high economical value. The product made in spring and winter may get superior quality.