Wenshan Paochong tea

Among tea growing areas in northern Taiwan, Wenshan Tea is the most typical tea growing area which includes Pinglin, shiding, Ulai, shindien, Pingshi etc.and was one of the four main tea growing areas of Taiwan in early stage.

Over a hundred years, this tea growing area has steadily supplied its products to massive consumers, and coped with their picky demands. At the time when Tansui River had not been silted up and sailboats could still sail on it, the tea outputs of said area was shipped through this river. Even today Wenshen Paochong Tea possesses its unique role.

As time goes by, tea planters have not changed their insisting on the quality.
The appearance of Wenshen Tea is very much like the shape of a black dragon, and it gives off a flavor of orchid fragrance. It is such a special place that it attracts people deeply. Even those who are accustomed to drinking high-mountain tea are very fond of tasting Paochong Tea. To taste it, use a ceramic cup with a cover and let the “Black dragon” turn and roll in the cup filled with hot water. On smelling such orchid fragrance, people feel seemingly staying deep in the mountain and drinking such wonderful tea, it is certainly like a kind of feeling that you become the luckiest person in the world.