Jin Xuan Tea


Jin Xuan Tea was put forward to market by Taiwan Tea Experiment Station in 1981. The file no.of successfully bred seed is 12(experimental code no. 2027). Its flavor has a kind of milk fragrance. Through baking, its flavor turns into fragrance of cane sugar or candy .These are all natural fragrances without artificial spice.The leaf size of Ginshan Tea is wider and bigger than that of Oolong Tea, and its edge has the form of zigzag.

The main leaf vein almost forms straight angle against branch leaf veins.The upper height limit for growing Ginshan Tea is 1600 meter above the sea.As its resistance to cold is weaker than that of Oolong Tea, this height is the altitude limit.
As for quality, the output from over 1200 meter is excellent in both flavor and tasting.
The very fine selection of our company is based on this condition, and the status of customers’ acceptance is quite satisfactory.