Chin Shin Oolong

This is a very symbolic selection of Taiwan tea.
High mountain tea is well-known for its being specially grown in fresh air at mountaintops, and among various species Chin Shin Oolong tea is a very outstanding one which gives off fragrances of flowers or flavors of fruits. It is the charm that the flavor of this tea varies with its growing places, so there will be no difficulty in knowing
if there is anyone who presents an imitative or inferior products.Chin Shin Oolong tea is grown at the area of high elevation above the sea in cloudy and foggy environment, so its leaves are much thicker, and that makes its flavor much stronger.This is very different from the tea which is grown at the area of lower elevation. Tea grown in lower elevation is much easer to obtain sunshine which tends to make leaves fibrous and flavor lighter. Timing of reaping also varies according to the elevation above the sea and the latitude. The lower the height and latitude is, the earlier tea is reaped. Spring tea is reaped in Feb. or Mar., but the tea planted in high mountains such as Mountain Pear is usually reaped in May.