Oolong tea

Chin Shin Oolong
This is a very symbolic selection of Taiwan tea.
High mountain tea is well-known for its being specially grown in fresh air at mountaintops, and...

Jin Xuan Tea
Jin Xuan Tea was put forward to market by Taiwan Tea Experiment Station in 1981. The file no.of successfully bred seed is 12(experimental code no. 2027).

Wenshan Paochong tea
Among tea growing areas in northern Taiwan, Wenshan Tea is the most typical tea growing area which includes Pinglin, shiding, Ulai, shindien, Pingshi etc.

Tieh-Kuan-Yin Tea
Talking about the tea in Taiwan, Every one knows Tieh-Kuan-Yin Tea. It was transplanted from Mainland China.

Green Jade Tea
Green-Jade Tea is a successful breed of Taiwan Tea Experiment Station with file no. 13 and experiment code 2029, which is a newly developed product planted widely in Minjien Village...

Ever-Spring Tea
Ever-Spring Tea is a variety of Wu-Yi Tea in China, generally grown at low elevation. It is widely planted at Mingjien Village in Nantou County, and can be reaped six times per year.

Taiwan Milky Oolong Tea
Taiwan milky oolong tea is the tea made from Jin Xuan tea, which has been scented with milk flavor, so it has milk, sweet, fruit and fragrant taste.

Oriental Beauty Tea
Taiwan Organic Oriental Beauty tea cultivates in Hsinchu, Miaoli and Longton of Taoyuan.  Its leaves have been bitten by small green leaf hopper, so it tastes sweet with honey flavor.

Alishan Oolong Tea
Alishan Oolong tea is Alishan high mountain tea, produced from tea plantations in Alishan Mountain.  The best locations of tea gardens in the world are located within the high altitude of 50km in the “Tropic of Cancer”, and Alishan tea gardens are just in the area. 

Lishan Oolong Tea
Lishan Oolong tea is high-mountain oolong tea, harvested from the tea plantations of Lishan, located in altitude of 1,600 to 2,600 meters.

Dong Ding Oolong Tea
Dong Ding oolong tea is a famous high mountain tea in Taiwan. The tea gardens of Dong Ding oolong teas are located in Lugu (deer valley) Township, Natou County.
Tea from Chilai Mountain
Chilai is one of Taiwan one hundred high mountains. The North peak of Chilai Mountain is 3,607 meters. The oolong tea of Chilai Mountain is hand plunked one bud with two leaves tea from tea plantations in Chilai Mountain.
Alishan premium (charcoal roasted) Gaba oolong
Ali Shan charcoal roasted Gaba Oolong tea ( Alishan Premium Gaba oolong tea ) is hand-plucked tea from the most famous tea Mountain Ali.
Ginseng Cha Wan oolong
The leaves of red beans tree have the smell of Ginseng, so mill the leaves to be powder, and then use tea leaves to wrap the powder of red beans' leaves to make Ginseng Cha Wan.