The missing piece of a cup/ 缺了一角的杯子

I have selling teas about 28 years. There are many memories with interesting stories. There's a story about the cup with a missing piece more than 20 years, but I still keep this cup and it remind me of the story 20 more years ago.

At that time, I worked at a tea house in Taipei. One day I saw a blind lady came into the tea house, so I greeted her to sit down and have cups of teas. She bought some teas and wanted a set of high quality beautiful tea cups. I saw a good quality and hand made tea cup, so introduced it to her. She use fingers to touch the cup and felt it was good, so ask me what picture was on the cup. Suddenly I found three shrimps on the cup. Because the pronounce of shrimp is same as that of blind in Chinese, I didn't want to hurt her, so I told her it was a cup with a missing piece, and suggested her to get another cup. But personally I like this cup, so I bought it from my boss for memory. So many years passed, I still remember this story of a white lie.

卖了28年的茶。有趣的事有意思的回亿不少。这一只跟了我20多年的杯子就有一个故事,所以就算杯子口缺了一角,我依然将它保留至今,偶而看到了这杯子,又让我想往事。 话说20多年前我仍在台北一家茶行打工,有一天一个盲眼的女子到店里买茶,我就招待她试茶喝茶,也买了一些茶,然后要我介绍一组喝茶的杯子给她。她要品质好的漂亮的杯子。我在想店里刚好有一组手拉手绘的茶杯品质不恶,于是介绍给她,她摸了摸觉得不错,问我上面是画什么花样? 不看还好看了心头一惊,上面画的是三只虾子,这虾子和瞎子发音是一样的,如果我告诉她上面是虾子,让她误会我是在贬抑她,那就很不好了。我想了一下告诉她这其中有一只杯子缺了一角,建议她不要买,后来拿了另外的茶杯卖她。我倒挺喜欢这组杯子的,所以虽然花了我许多钱,我向老板买了这组手绘青花虾杯。这么多年过了,这组杯​​子其中一只真的缺了一角,我仍然珍藏着,这其中有我善意的谎言。