4. GABA benefits

Brewing tea is, at its heart, very simple. There are several basic steps:
  1. Heat good-tasting water.
  2. Add tea about 3g. (about one tablespoon per cup).
  3. Put around 150 CC in cup.
  4. Steep for 2 to 3 minutes.
  5. Strain and enjoy!
  6. Re-steep for more pleasure.

The benefits of drinking GABA teas:

  1. GABA can lower blood pressure (suppression of blood pressure rising)
  2. clinical studies have shown that you can improve the headache caused by the sequelae of stroke or cerebral arteriosclerosis, tinnitus, decreased appetite ... and other obstacles.
  3. to promote the cerebral vascular flow and metabolism.
  4. diuretic effect and promote blood vessel dilation, to lower blood pressure function.
  5. may relieve menopause or elderly insomnia, depression, autonomic nervous system disorders, memory disorders ... and so on.
  6. to promote the body excrete salt, prevent kidney basal cell necrosis, thus achieving improved kidney function and protection.
  7. reduced liver function index ALP (alkaline phosphatase) and GPT (Glutamic Pyravic acid Transaminase), activation of liver function.
  8. promoting alcohol metabolism, prevent hangover, alleviate discomfort drunken state.
  9. inhibition of fatty liver and obesity.
  10. has deodorizing effects, including body odor, old man smell, bad breath, smelly physiology, urine smell ... like.

For GABA tea test several important research literature is summarized below for reference:
(Reference Source: Council of Agriculture Tea Improvement Station)

  1. 1955 Dr. Takahashi GABA earliest confirmed with blood pressure lowering effect.
  2. 1982 Dr. Billingsley in Brain Res. Bull. Confirmed that GABA has a blocking peripheral nerve messaging, increased blood pressure, suppression of evidence.
  3. 1987 Japan National Tea examination centers found Tian Jin Zhi GABA tea production method.
  4. 1987 ~ Dr. Mori Japanese GABA TEA Division of 1988 animals and human clinical trials,So long as the three cups in hypertensive patients demonstrated good leaf dragon tea (3 g / 150 ml) That's a good blood pressure lowering effect,Another proven well-Long tea leaves good hangover effect. The following year Japan GABA TEA commercialized mass production, and GABA in the more expensive the higher the price.
  5. 1995 Dr. Yasuhiko reconfirmed blood pressure lowering effect of GABA TEA, and published in the American Journal of Hypertension.
  6. 1997 ~ 1998 Japan's agriculture, forestry, tea examination centers and Kanagawa agricultural Soken developed significantly enhance GABA's best dragon tea leaves fresh method.
  7. 2000 Omori positive GABA TEA Division, who found that in addition to lowering blood pressure may be outside, high-salt diet on renal function also to protect the effectiveness of both.
  8. 2001, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of tea with his wife and daughter in Japan confirmed that GABA tea in large intracellular and extracellular test Jieke inhibit ACE enzyme activity, GABA tea is clear why the gate of the evidence is very important in blood pressure can drop.
  9. 2001 China's Hunan Province, Hunan Province tea Institute elderly hospital GABA tea lowering blood pressure in clinical trials, with 50 cases (25 in the control group) confirmed that GABA tea has good blood pressure lowering effect.


GABA tea is one kind of functional tea, with special manufactured methods under anaerobic conditions. Because of richness in gamma - amino butyric acid, naming as GABA based on its initials of the special amino acid contained. In Japan it also calls GABARON, due to the release of the tea matching with the popularity of Oolong tea around 1987.

In GABA tea, the gamma - amino butyric acid is a metabolites transferred through the enzymatic function from glutamic acid under anaerobic conditions. Animal and human body clinical tests have confirmed that the tea has lowering the blood pressure function. The GABA tea’s another metabolite alanine is transforms by the aspartic acid, having sobering up the function. In fact, GABA tea is the pure natural health tea. In recent years, medical research reports repeatedly confirmed importance of GABA tea to human body health, including capability of effectively relieving modern people anxiety, restless symptom and exhaustion etc. It also has the good stabilizing effect on woman menopause barrier and beneficial and protective effects on kidney and liver.