2.The Healthy GABA TEA

GABA TEA is an all natural healthy beverage. It contains a high level of  GABA.

Benefits of  GABA TEA:
-GABA TEA has been shown to inhibit tumorigenesis at the initiation, Promotion and progression stages of cancer.
· GABA TEA can top up our antioxidant intake
· GABA TEA can stabilize the human cell
· GABA TEA is a blood lipid-lowering tea
· GABA TEA can reduce our blood pressure
· GABA TEA can sober drunkenness

Each 100 grams of dried GABA TEA leaves should contain a minimum of 150grams of  GABA.
The higher the GABA content,the more expensive is the GABA TEA are fermented in A rather unusual manner, therefore, GABA TEA has aunique special flavor.
Here we list out the development of  GABA in the past decades:
1.1955—Dr Takahashi conflrmed that GABA can reduce blood pressure
2.1963-Dr Stanton confirmed that GABA can reduce the blood pressure of rabbits, dogs, mice,
3.1980—Dr Billingsley conflrmed that GABA has the ability to sever connections of data via
presynaptic nerve terminals. Furthermore, Dr Billingsley found that GABA can reduce blood pressure
4.1987-1998-Dr Tsusida at the NIVOT,japan discovered the methods to produce GABA TEA
5.1987-1988—Dr Masashi Omori conducted a clinical test on animals and human being.He
confirmed that patients suffering from high blood pressure only need to have an intakeof 3 grams/
150 milliliter of GABA tea in order to lower their blood pressure .Dr Omori further conflrmed  that
GABA TEA can sober drunkenness. In the following year, GABA TEA was produced in bulk for the
Enjoyment of all people. It is acknowledged that the higher the GABA content, the more expensive
Is the tea
6.1995-Dr Yasuhiko published his paper in the American Journal of Hypertension.Dr Yasuhiko’s
paper was about the ability of GAGB TEA associated with blood pressure reduction
7.1997-1998-(日本農林茶試場-http//www.norin.co.jp/outline/outlin-e.htm, www.norin.co.jp) and Kanagawa Prefctural A gricultural Research institute found a new method to enhance the GABA content in the GABA TEA.
8.2000-Masashi Omori discovered that GABA TEA has the ability to lower blood pressure and protect kidneys that are subjected to high salt content.
9.2001-(The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences 中國農科院茶研所) and Otauma Women’s University confirmed that GABA TEA can effectively restrain ACE enzymes.The said test proved that GAEA TEA can reduce blood pressure.
10.2001-(The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences中國農科院茶研所) and Japan issued a joint statent on the ability of GABA TEA to reduce blood pressure. The statement revealed the effeat of GABA inside the mammal bodies.
11.2001-(China HuNan Provincial Research in stitute of Tea Science中國湖南省茶研所) and (China HuNan Ssnior Citizen Hospital湖南省老年醫院) conducted a clinical test on the ability of GABA to reduce blood pressure. There are 50 test confirmed GABA has the ability to reduce blood pressure.
There are numerous research reports that confirmed the ability of GABA TEA to reduce blood  Pressure. Other research reports confirmed the ability of GAEA TEA to sober drunkenness and to protect kidneys that are subject to high salt content. All of these reports attracted the attention of the Japanese academia and the Japanese tea industry.

In 1988, many GABA TEA  products emerged into the market. In the recent years, there are improved version of GABA TEA products in the market. All of these new GABA TEA products contained enhanced GABA contents.

The U.S and other European countries are utilizing biotechnology to produce GABA. People in those countries strongly believed that GABA are nutritional supplements that can revive our youth, calm our dreary souls,diminish our mental pressure, reduce our blood pressure and eradicate our anxiousness.

The prodution of GAEA TEA is much easier than that of traditional packaged tea and oolong tea. Tea  leaves need to be fermented before they are developed into GABA tea. We employ the most modern techniques to produce GABA Tea. Tea leaves are fermented numerous times to increase the GABA content within.

Since GABA TEA is a healthy beverage. The Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station is Currently using home grown tea leaves to manufacture GABA tea for all to enjoy. This Measure assists the advance development of the tea industry. and enhances the economic Value of the tea industry. This proved to be a success.

In order to enhance the development of our country’s tea industry. we plan to disclose our most prized manufacturing techniques for all industrial participants.