1.What is GABA TEA?

GABA TEA is an all natural tea product that contains r-aminobutyric acid. The English acronym for
raminobutyric acid is 〝GABA〞The English called the tea 〝GABA TEA〞.The Japanese called it 〝GABA TEA〞The Chinese called it “JinBaiLong Tea” In japan. GABA TEA is a tea for our healthy well-being. it is manufactured in bulk for all to enjoy.
GABA TEA was first developed by Dr. Tsusida at the former National Research lnstitute of Vegetable, Ornamental Plants and Tea (NIVOT),MAFF of  Japan in1987.
It is well recognized that when fresh tea leaves are fermented for an extended period, glutamic acid
Will be converted into r-aminobutyric acid, and aspartic acid will be converted into alanine. since
the tea contains r-aminobutyric acids that are good for our health, we named, the tea “GABA TEA”