A New Tea Product in Taiwan ~GABA TEA~

1.What is GABA TEA?
GABA TEA is an all natural tea product that contains r-aminobutyric acid. The English acronym for raminobutyric acid is 〝GABA〞The English called the tea 〝GABA TEA〞.The Japanese called it 〝GABA TEA〞The Chinese called it “JinBaiLong Tea” In japan. GABA TEA is a tea for our healthy well-being. it is manufactured in bulk for all to enjoy.

2.The Healthy GABA TEA
GABA TEA is an all natural healthy beverage. It contains a high level of  GABA.
Benefits of  GABA TEA:
-GABA TEA has been shown to inhibit tumorigenesis at the initiation, Promotion and progression stages of cancer.

3. Gaba teas on the Feb. 2008 "Sabaria Health News"
In this issue: Drink oolong tea to burn fat; Drink GABA tea to lower your blood pressure; GABA tea helps to lose weight the natural way; GABA tea consumption will increase mental alertness; Have a hangover? – drink GABA tea; Lomatium dissectum to fight virus diseases; Forbidden rice – an aphrodisiac?

4. The Essential Steps in Tea Factory Mass Production Xinzhu, Taiwan - Austin Yoder, 17th Aug. 2012 "
This past Friday, I was fortunate enough to travel to Xinzhu, Taiwan, with Mr. Hsu of May Zest Tea Co. (http://tea-ok.com.tw). Mr. Hsu has been in the tea industry for over 30 years, and has built up an impressive list of clients in countries in Europe, and massive countries like Russia. His insider knowledge of the tea industry is complemented by his ten years of experience conducting business online. Though he has become quite successful by leveraging the internet, his on the ground connections are wide-ranging.

5. GABA benefits
GABA tea is the pure natural health tea.
In recent years, medical research reports repeatedly confirmed importance of GABA tea to human body health, including capability of effectively relieving modern people anxiety, restless symptom and exhaustion etc. It also has the good stabilizing effect on woman menopause barrier and beneficial and protective effects on kidney and liver.