Dong Ding oolong tea - traditional flavor available now

Taiwan Dongding oolong tea

Dongding oolong teas has for many years earned its reputatdion in Taiwan and ever played a signifcant part of Taiwan teas’ developing history. Lugu Village,Nanto County and Pinlin District,New Taipei City was the earlier areas where the tea trees were planted and developed and therefore Lugu’s Dongding oolong teas has been famous for as the name mentioned from during many decades of years. Dongding oolong teas’ distinct lies in its heavy fermentation, high-temperature-baked(charcoals were traditionally used to bake) and semi-sphere; the brown color other than darkgeen of high mountain teas; its rich flavor goes with mellow; its color after mixed with hot water could be similar to the amber.

It is a pity that such a renowned products has daily falled in the decline of teas industry. It might be following reasons:

  1. The change of atmosphere make the Dongding oolong teas grown on the elevation of 800m lost its flavours and smells in comparison with the high mountain teas.
  2. The change of consumers’ habit: In the recent score years most consumers especially the youth consumers used to be in favor of the fragment of the high mountain teas instead of those fermented in the 30% level and baked with charcoal(hardly can you buy charcoal-baked teas in the tea market)
  3. The ageing of teatrees make the tea gardens need changes for better: Many teaplanters has definitely been doing with organic concept; they plant many new varieties of teatrees mainly of The Chin Shin Oolong and nowadays plant including a lot amount of Jin Xuan tea and Green Jade tea.
The decline of traditional Dongding oolong tea results from the factors may be concluded that why the genius Dongding oolong teas are rarely available.

About Spring Season I traveled to Lugu and met a couple of 40 some years old tea planters and asked to test their Lugu Teas; consequently as I might expected that this couple of planters had provide me a cup of Jin Xuan tea which grown and manufactured at Lugu. My tongue tasted that had been quite different from those traditional Dongding oolong Tea. The couple of tea planters euphemistically explained that the fragment of teas has been the marketing major flavours could be one of the reasons why Lugu tea manugacturers provide no more real Dongding oolong Tea. Mingle with the statement, this couple brought another steep tea and coinuously stated that the steep tea had been manugactured by his father twenty years ago.

Judge from appearance and color I could posit it as a steep of real traditional Dongding oolong that contains rich zest with honeysmelling and charcoal-baked taste. I did know that this Dongding oolong tea must be baked with longan-charcoal. It went with an unforgettable memory after depositting so many years. It seemed that we had met old friends in a land far away from home. A subtle smiling was expressed by us with mutual understanding.

The changing of teas culture goes with its manufacturing technics; simultaneously it has our old memory imperceptibly gone. With a sense of duty, I am obliged to develop the tea-culture to offer more high quality to be shared. That’s why I promote the Dongding oolong teas which fermented in the level of 30% roasted at least 8 hours by 3 times. Now we use the teas are grown at the area of some 1,200m-1,600m high elevation where there are better circumstances for Dongding teas growth. Hopefully such a deliciousness will be favored by those who have indulged in the green tea world and spontaneously becomes another choice in tea taste.

To arouse the memory of traditional Dongding oolong tea is one of my mission, Even Dongding oolong has become merchandise name instead of grown location over decades, we herewith stand on traditional ferment & roast method to keep the good taste for tea lover.