Alishan Gaba Oolong tea

When someone drinks GABA teas in the first time, he will raise many questions. Why the tea is a little bit sour and has strange taste? Is the tea natural? That is the reason why people cannot accept the tea for drinking in the first time. But after drinking the tea, he will feel out strong aroma and smooth taste, so will have the subconscious motive of drinking again. Drinking more feels more smooth and more like it. Alishan GABA Oolong tea is high elevation tea in mountain Ali. The manufacturing the teas are more complex than manufacturing GABA green teas. GABA quantity contained in the tea is over 300mg / per 100g. The tea has to undergo 10 hours for three times of vacuum anaerobic fermentation and stirring before panning. The tea undergoes several fermentations with and then without oxygen, so the tea contained more GABA than GABA green tea or GABA black tea.