Other tea growing area

Taiwan can be regarded as a tea island. In fact, tea is grown everywhere from north to south and from east to west, and each kind has its own name. The only difference probably rests on popularity and production capacity.

Yelan County is famous for Lanyang Tea. Hwalien County has Wuher Tea. Taitung County has Fulu Tea. Kaohsiung County in southern Taiwan has Lieugwei Tea. Ane Yunlin County is also famouse for its high mountain tea in Tsoaling and Shebi. Even Taoyuan County which is the county closest to metropolitan was an major export tea growing area a hundred years ago, and now some scattered tea gardens still can be seen on plateaus and hills.

Tea history in Taiwan can be regarded as the earliest export trading history in Taiwan. Such an old business can be described by using the meaning of Oolong Tea in Chinese - Black Dragon - symbolize the strength of his life and the ability of its endurance. It is so close in connection with human being’s seven daily necessities -timber, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea . Tea is a thing that we must have it everyday.

As Taiwan’s most striking industry – wafer manufacturing- a symbol for high technology is now playing an major role in the world market, while another oldest and most conventional business also share the same popularity. This is sometimes confusing, but not surprising. After all, Chinese have drunk tea for five thousand years, and it is therefore our responsibility to continue this culture. There used to be a tea advertisement describing: “Let’s drink for another five thousand years.”