Oriental Beauty Tea growing area

The representative of this tea growing area is Oriental Beauty Tea, there are some other kinds of tea, of course. Oriental Beauty Tea must be grown in the environment without pollution of agricultural chemicals. Reaping season is June every year. It is produced in the area of less ventilation. After being bitten by small green-leaf cicadas, they give off a unique kind of honey and matured fruit fragrance.
The fermentation at production is around 60% - 70%. Those colors of outer appearance, by implementing strong fermentation, are red, brown, yellow, green and white. It is said that the name “Oriental beauty” was given by the queen, the wife of King of England Charles II, when she saw the tea leaves, turning in the water in a cup, looked like a oriental dancing beauty, and therefore named it “Oriental Beauty Tea”.

The difference of its production process from that of Oolong Tea is that its leaves are plucked in the morning and fried in the afternoon, or fried next morning in case plucked in the afternoon. This is to let process of fermentation more complete. Its flavor is therefore stronger than Oolong tea, but the temperature of infusing it should be better between 70-80 degrees, which is different from Oolong Tea’s taking high temperature.