Tong-Ding Tea growing area at Lugu in Nantou

Mountain Tong-Ding is one of the most important and the earliest areas for tea development. “Tong-Ding” is a name of a district whose full title is “Tong-Ding Valley, Tsang-Ya Village, Lugu, Nantou County” which is a plateau with elevation of 700 meters and area of 30 Taiwan acres. Today’s so called “Tong-Ding tea” covers the areas nearby Yong-Long Village and Fong-Fang Village. One process of making Tong-Ding tea is wrapping it with cloth and then rubbing it. This process makes its outer appearance semi-sphere - like dragon dance and like shrimp game. Tong-Ding is originally a name of a place. But now many teas whose production process is similar to that of tea in Tong-Ding are also named “Tong-Ding Tea”. For example, the tea at the Pine and Cypress Ridge, Tsusan and even other mountain teas are named after this. The genuine “Tong-Ding Tea” is very difficult to find in the market. It is therefore deduced that some tea lovers has bought it directly from planters instead of from market. Indeed, scarcity has made it very difficult to be available. The production process for Tong-Ding Oolong tea follows the old method - Plucking only matured leaves, and its fermentation is stronger than that of common high mountain teas. Leaves of dried tea present yellowish color and look oil. Tea water presents golden color, and it tastes strong and deep. Its flavor is something like honey.