Tea growing area at San-Lin-Se in Nantou

San-Lin Se is a very famous touring spot which is under the administration of Tusan Town. We can know well by the name that some fir woods were grown here and a little stream flows across nearby. About ten to twenty years ago, many newly married couples were very much fond of staying here for their honeymoons. Indeed, a visit to this beautiful touring spot is really wonderful.

In those days, people started to plant tea in the neighborhood of San-Lin-Se, and the tea soon became a very hot commodity at its first showing up in the market. The unique fragrance coming out of high mountains and fir woods is so much fascinating and romantic. The orthodox Tea of San-Lin-Se is the output near Long-Fong Gorge whose elevation is 1600 meters and its product is one hundred percent Green-Heart Oolong Tea. No other species of tea are planted here.

There is another famous local product in Tsusan Town, which is bamboo wear. Both the bamboo wear and bamboo shoots produced here are very popular in Taiwan. Also variance in elevation of tea growing area here is the most obvious among those in Taiwan. Some is planted at flat land, and some is planted at high elevation. They are all named “Tsusan Tea” whose price variance is also obvious, but the tea produced around San-Lin-Se is the only one that is famous.