Tea growing area in Li-Shan in Taichung County

The price of tea in Mountain Pear is the most expensive in Taiwan’s tea market. Its particularity lies in growth elevation (highest elevation at 2600 meters) which can be
regarded as the highest tea growing spot in the world.

Fusosan Farm where Chung Kai shek’s villa was situated was previously planted a lot of pear trees and apple trees. These kinds of fruit of temperate zone can only be available in Taiwan by growing at such elevation. Many veterans planted those fruits here. Taiwanese were once proud of being able to plant, in subtropical zone, the fruits which are only suitable to grow in temperate zone. However, imported pears and apples gradually occupied the market later on. Tea planters began to grow tea under apple trees which were eventually cut off when the grown tea could be reaped. That was a period full of hardship, but their struggling was paid off because the tea has become very popular in the market. Both the rich and the politicians are proud of being able to own a pack of tea produced at Mountain Pear, and it has therefore become the symbol of wealth. Not every one can afford.

Based on this background, this tea is also named “The President Tea”, and is given as a gift to those official guests coming from foreign countries. The gift has made host and guests closer and much delighted.

Tea of Mountain Pear has fragrance of fresh green pears or strong flavor of fruit which does not exist in the teas of other areas. As its volume is so limited that its high price is not surprised at all, and such price has not been changed for the past twenty years.

The rough definition for Tea of Mountain Pear also included the teas grown above the elevation 1500 meter, including the teas produced at Tsuei-Luan, Tsuei-Fong, Hwa-Gan, Jia-Yang etc. The quality of the teas produced at these spots is also above the average level, but the prices are not so high.

Want to have a tour in Mountain Pear Don’t go through Middle Cross Highway because it has been not passable as the result of earthquake striking on Sep. 21, 2000. Do go from Puli in Nantou.