Tea growing area in Li-Shan in Taichung County

Mountain Ali is a well-known touring spot to Taiwanese people. Almost every one remembers how he had enjoyed touring there during his childhood because it was so popular. There was once an offical candidate who ran for the office of provincial governor said ‥Even if Mount Ali were the only soil that could exist in Taiwan, I would insist on participating this election campaign. Though he eventually pulled out from the campaign under the pressure imposed by his party, it shows that Mount Ali has a kind of spiritual power.

This tea growing area is the largest timberland during the period of Japanese occupation. Vast range of primitive forest had supplied woods for making high class building materials and furniture. Even those shrines far away in Japan had used the woods produced here.
For Taiwanese Aborigines, the most attractive is the legendary myth of Mountain Ali. It was said that, around one or two hundred years ago, some aborigine tribes had the custom of hunting human heads. There was once a local government officer, Wu Fong, who was loved and respected by those aborigines had tried very hard but in vain to persuade them to give up this inhuman custom. At last, Wu Fong told them that there would be a man who was going to be dressed in red and ride a white horse the next day. ‥You can kill him and cut down his head as a sacrifice to worship the God.〃 said Wu Fong. After they had killed this man and they found him the very man they loved. It was such an afflicting moment to the aborigines and they finally decided to give up this cruel habit.

Mount Ali, just like his name, has a kind of fascination and charm. The tea area spread from elevation 700 meter to 1600 meter, usually reaped by labor. In the neighborhood of Shi-Draw (approximately 1300 meter) is the most famous spot which has four crops a year. The tea produced here has strong flavor and special smell of rice fragrance of which penetrates human hearts. In Mount Ali, there is a very popular folk song which is sung: ‥ Girls in Mount Ali are as pretty as water flows, Young men in Mount Ali are as strong as the mountain.〃 It is certain that, after drinking the local tea, you will be moved with the fantasy of this song.