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Tea growing area in Li-Shan in Taichung County
Mountain Ali is a well-known touring spot to Taiwanese people. Almost every one remembers how he had enjoyed touring there during his childhood because it was so popular.

Tea growing area at San-Lin-Se in Nantou
We can know by the name ‥Mountain Plum〃 that it is the place where is abundant in plums. But it was unexpected that it became very famous for its being the earliest production area ...

Tea growing area in Li-Shan in Taichung County
The price of tea in Mountain Pear is the most expensive in Taiwan’s tea market. Its particularity lies in growth elevation (highest elevation at 2600 meters) which can be regarded as the highest tea growing spot in the world..

Tea growing area at San-Lin-Se in Nantou
San-Lin Se is a very famous touring spot which is under the administration of Tusan Town. We can know well by the name that some fir woods were grown here and a little stream...

Tong-Ding Tea growing area at Lugu in Nantou
Mountain Tong-Ding is one of the most important and the earliest areas for tea development. “Tong-Ding” is a name of a district whose full title is “Tong-Ding Valley, Tsang-Ya Village, Lugu, Nantou County....

Oriental Beauty Tea growing area
The representative of this tea growing area is Oriental Beauty Tea, there are some other kinds of tea, of course. Oriental Beauty Tea must be grown in the environment without pollution of agricultural chemicals.

Other tea growing area
Taiwan can be regarded as a tea island. In fact, tea is grown everywhere from north to south and from east to west, and each kind has its own name. The only difference probably rests on popularity and production capacity.