Foshou black tea

Foshou (Buddha’s palm) black tea is from Yongchun of Fujian, China, and then plants in the area of Muza and Wenshan, Taiwan. Here introduce the Foshou tea which is planted by Zhuang-You tea plant. From 20 years ago, the tea was got from Wenshan then planted in Mirror Mountain, Chushan and organic management for tea grown in many acres of the tea garden, owned by Zhuang-You tea plant.

The founder of the tea is Mr. Zhuang, Chong-Xian who was died in 2007. But his tea producing skills and successfully made compressed teas pass to next generation. Now the tea plant uses the Foshou tea to make green tea cakes, black tea cakes and dark tea cakes.

The tea is not only creating a new market for Taiwan teas, but also creating a new way for the unique Foshou tea. One of their products is a strip black tea looks like the Da Hon Pao of China, and has the tastes of bergamot with good smell and unique flavor. So the tea won the appreciations from tea traders, teahouses and consumers.