Welcome to May Zest Tea

May Zest Tea Co., Ltd is a supplier of high quality Taiwan teas, and supplies many different kinds of green teas, black teas, oolong teas, healthy teas and organic teas.

Mr. Hsu chien-chen, the founder of May Zest Tea Co., Ltd., is a professional tea trader. Since 1986 he has been engaged in the skills of growing, producing and baking tea with best quality and competitive price, and therefore acquires positive response from customers. For the past decade, appraisal from consumers and from the line of this business in Taiwan has won good fame for him.

Tea in Taiwan being part of Chinese traditional art, and had once taken the leading place in the export of agriculture products for the past 150 years, Formosan tea has been very popular in the world since 100 years ago. In order to elaborate the level of drinking tea and enable the tea-loving people in every country of the world to taste the deliciousness of Oolong Tea in Taiwan, we strongly recommend Taiwan's high quality Oolong Tea - having very special and elegant flavor, attractive deliciousness and excellent quality coming out of strict process control to satisfy all demand. Taiwan tea is not only a kind of drink but also development of art.

The particularity of Taiwan tea lies in its geographical position, facing the blow of Asian Seasonal Wind, and having high mountains and hills. There are a large number of tea species. Their production methods require high level of skill, such as tea of semi- fermentation. The capacity of semi-fermented tea in the world is only 2% and this is quite minor comparing to 90% for black tea and 8% for green tea. But the scarcity also reflects its preciousness.

May Zest Tea Co., Ltd. has overseas affiliated companies in USA, Japan,United Kingdom, Germany,Russia,Australia,Slovakia,etc. and its products have been widely sold to overseas as well as local markets. Your kind proposals are sincerely expected.

Having been developed for more than a hundred years and continuously improved by Tea Experiment Station, Taiwan tea has more than a hundred species. But those that can be named are no more than a dozen. In a wider sense, we call all semi-fermented tea Oolong Tea. But to those who are experts in tasting tea, further classification is necessary, which we would like to introduce as follows