Organic tea

Organic green tea
Organic Green tea is strip tea, and organic certified tea by MOA. Although only USDA organic tea can be called organic tea in North America, the tea can pass EU pesticide teat to export to EU.

Organic black tea
Organic black tea is fully fermented tea. The organic black tea is from the tea garden of Miao Li County, and is organic tea certified by MOA. Moreover, the black tea is full tea leaf..

Organic gaba tea
Each 100 grams of dried GABA tea leaves should contain a minimum of 150mg of GABA. The higher the GABA content, the more expensive is the GABA tea.

Organic oriental beauty tea
Taiwan Organic Oriental Beauty tea cultivates in Hsinchu, Miaoli and Longton of Taoyuan. Its leaves have been bitten by small green leaf hopper, so it tastes sweet with honey flavor.