Healthy tea

White tea
Taiwan Ruby tea is a broad leafy tea cultivar, with tea soup having natural cinnamonic fragrance and light peppermint flavor. 

Alishan Gaba Oolong tea
When someone drinks GABA teas in the first time, he will raise many questions. Why the tea is a little bit sour and has strange taste? Is the tea natural? ....

Alishan Gaba Green tea
The tea garden of Alishan Gaba green tea is in mountain Ali, and located in the elevation of 1000m. Unlike the process of making normal green teas......

Alishan Gaba Black tea
Alishan Gaba black tea is an all natural tea product that contains r-aminobutyric acid. The English acronym for r- aminobutyric acid is Gaba.. .

Organic Gaba Oolong tea
Each 100 grams of dried GABA tea leaves should contain a minimum of 150mg of GABA. The higher the GABA content, the more expensive is the GABA tea.

Suan Guan tea
The Suan Gang aged Tea is the compressed tea only can be found in Taiwan. Around the time of Chinese New year, the Taiwan Hakka put tea leaves inside...