Taiwan Bi Lu Chun tea

In the Spring Equinox of about Mar. 21 2011, it is the time to begin the harvest of spring teas until before Tomb Sweeping Day, the Bi Lou Chun tea of Sansia is called “Early tea”.  Although the mane of tea is from China, it meets the situation of Taiwan, in the weather of humid, cold, drizzle and poetic.
What is Bi Lou Chun tea?  We can figure out from its name.  It is green in tea leaves, looks like curl sea shell from its shape. Spring tea is the best tea for four seasons.  Especially, the tea picked up and made before Tomb Sweeping Day.
In Taiwan, it is not many kinds of teas like Bi Lou Chun tea to pick up tender leave, and most of them pick matured two leave with one bud to make semi-fermented Oolong teas.  Bi Lou Chun is made from Chin Sin Gan Tze, the small leaf plant, green in color, fragrance, sweet taste and beautiful shape.  Chin Sin Gan Tze is suitable to make Bi Lou Chun tea and Long Jing tea.  The name of Chin Sin Gan Tze is coming from the inward curl shape of tea leave looking like that of the leave of Citrus.  It only grows in the plants of Sansia, New Taipei City.  Maybe famous teas have its own stubborn and insist on its principles.  In other areas of Taiwan, they are not suitable to plant the tea.  The coming of Bi Lou Chun is that the people moved from Zhejiang or Jiangsu or etc., China to Taiwan love to drink green teas, so plant the Chin Sin Gan Tze in the suitable location in the coteau in New Taipei City.
The temperature of boiled water is about 70 to 80 degree C for brewing the tea.  When brew the tea, the tea leaves will roll in the water, and then sink to the bottom of teapot.  It is full of tea pleasure, the tea soup is honey green color, its tasty is fresh and natural.