Black tea

Ruby tea
Taiwan Ruby tea is a broad leafy tea cultivar, with tea soup having natural cinnamonic fragrance and light peppermint flavor. 

Honey flavor black tea
The honey flavor black tea tastes sweet of honey, but neither honey nor sugar in the tea. The tea is hand-plunked and made from Chin Shin Gan Tze which is cultivated in San Xia Township. ....

Alishan Gaba black tea
We supply Alishan gaba black tea, here are high mountain hand-plunked tea. Alishan Gaba black tea is an all natural tea product that contains r-aminobutyric acid. The English acronym for.....

Foshou black tea
Foshou (Buddha’s palm) black tea is from Yongchun of Fujian, China, and then plants in the area of Muza and Wenshan, Taiwan. Here introduce the Foshou tea which is planted by Zhuang-You tea plant.